Sunday, 10 February 2013

Makeup Collection - February 2013

Hey guys.

As promised a while ago, here is my makeup collection.

All my makeup (apart from my everyday makeup) is stored in the IKEA Alex 9 Drawer unit which I spoke about here. I am in love with this unit as I feel like it will last a long time due to its sturdiness. I also feel like it is a beautiful piece of furniture and is perfect for what I'm using it for. 

As you can see, on top of my Alex unit, I store my perfumes, which I have shown in a post before (Perfume collection). I also have my bunny lamp (shown here) and a jar of sweets for decoration (and eating of course!!)

Drawer #1 - Base (face) products:

In this drawer I keep my foundations / BB creams which I am not currently using at the back.

In the two middle compartments I have my bronzers and blushes.

At the front I keep any face powders and concealers.

To the side, I have my Revlon whipped foundation which I love and some perfume.

 Drawer #2 - Lip products:

This has to be one of my favourite drawers. As you can probably tell, I am a bit obsessed with lip products!!

In the back I have an assortment of lip balms. Admittedly, they don't get much use at the moment as I am obsessed with my EOS lipbalms...

In the middle sections, on the right I have all my lip glosses, and on the left I have a red lipliner and lip stains. 

In the bottom compartment, I have all my lipsticks and maybelline baby lips (which are awesome!)

Then, at the side, I have my two MAC tendertones, lush lip scrubs, a korres lip butter and two of my EOS lipbalms (I have another by my bed and one in my bag).

 Drawer #3 - Eyes (Mascara, eyebrows, lashes, eyeliner)

At the back, I have some sample mascaras which are great for travelling and my HD Brow Palette.

In the two middle compartments, on the right I have 2 waterproof mascaras, my too faced pinpoint mascara which I use for my lower lashes, and a MAC eyelash primer. On the left I have all my regular, non-waterproof mascaras.

In the bottom compartment I have my two Bobbi Brown gel liners, pencil liners, liquid liners and a sharpener.

At the side I have two pairs of lashes.

 Drawer #4 - Eyes (Primers, eyeshadow)

At the back of this drawer I keep miscellaneous eyeshadow and some eye primers.

In the middle sections I have all my smaller eyeshadow palettes.

In the front compartment I have my loose eyeshadows, the MAC ones are yet to be depotted.

Finally, at the side of this drawer I have all my MAC paintpots which you can see swatched in this post.

Drawer #5 - Large eyeshadow palettes

In this drawer I keep all my larger eyeshadow palettes.

I have my MAC palette, Stila Christmas 2011 palette, MUA 'Immaculate Collection' Palette, Original Naked palette, Too Faced 'Pixie Pin-Ups' Palette, another Too Faced palette and a profusion palette.

In the remaining drawers of my Alex unit I have hair tools, hair accessories, cotton rounds etc etc... It is not very organised so I didn't show it.. Also it's not makeup!!

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any comments or questions leave them below :)

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great collection! I am super jealous of the Alex drawers!
    - Andrea Marie xx

  2. love storage posts! i've also got this unit, but the smaller one but i'm going to have to buy another one of it as my collection is just too big now! where did you get the clear trays from that you've used inside for your base, lips and eyes? (could you tweet me the answer @rebeccalouiseee) :) great post!
    rebecca-louise -

  3. Yaaay my favourite type of post EVER :) Love having a nosey at other peoples collections! and you have a great one xxx

  4. Thank you!!

    I love seeing other people's collections too :)


  5. Am a lover of make up. This is an inspiration to me



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