Friday, 5 October 2012

Upcoming posts!

Hey guys, 
I just wanted to let everyone know what type of posts will be coming up and 1. see if you are interested in them, and 2. ask if you have any other requests.

Firstly, tomorrow, I will have my September favourites up!

Right, that's sorted. So I was thinking, in the next week, I am either going to do a few school related posts, such as organisation etc, or a few nail tutorials, or a mixture of the two if you'd prefer!
Which would you prefer?

Then, on the week leading up to going on holiday, I was thinking some packing posts such as what's in my hand luggage, and what's in my travel makeup bag etc.

When I am in Mexico and Arizona, I don't know whether I'll be posting every other day (not that I am now right.. Sorry!) or not but I was thinking of doing daily Instagram OOTD's so make sure to follow me on Instagram or twitter. But, I was also thinking of doing hauls whilst on holiday, if everyone would be cool with that, or would you rather me do a collective haul post after my holiday?

Wow, I wasn't expecting to write that much on this post, but yeah, I would really love everyone's feedback because I would love to know what you want to see on my blog. I will also be purchasing a few little items from America for a giveaway nearer to Christmas so get excited!!

Thanks for reading.

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