Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Make Up Academy 'Immaculate Collection Palette' Review and Swatches

MUA 'Immaculate Collection Palette' - £8.00 from MUA Store

As you can see, this palette comes with 24 shades. There are 4 matte shades in this palette - Shade 4, Shade 13, Shade 16 and Shade 20.

My favourites out of these 12 shades are definitely Shade 2, Shade 7 and Shade 11. Shade 4, the matte black is fairly pigmented - I had to layer a few layers to get it that opaque though. 

My favourites out of these shades are Shade 14, Shade 15, Shade 18 and Shade 21. 
Shade 15 and 24 are both really pretty and unique. Shade 15 is a green/gold duo chrome and Shade 24 is a pink/purple duo chrome colour. 
Shade 16, a matte grey is fairly pigmented and would make a good crease / blending colour. 
However, the other two mattes in the palette - Shade 20 (matte white) and Shade 23 (matte brown) - are not pigmented at all. You have to really dig your finger in to get some colour!! 

All of the shimmery shades have good pigmentation and texture and the matte shades are questionable to say the least. 

- Price. At £8 for 24 eyeshadows (around 33p per eyeshadow) - most with great pigmentation and texture- you can't really go wrong. 
- Quality. 20 of the eyeshadows have amazing pigmentation and texture!
- Colour selection. There is a great range of colours in this palette. You get everything from neutrals to brights!!

- Packaging. I don't know if its just mine or what but I struggle to open this palette. The opening is very stiff and I feel like I'm going to break it every time I open it - However, I haven't yet!!
- Mattes. Bad pigmentation for the most part.

Packaging: 3/5
I like the clear window that allows you to see all the colours; however, the palette is fairly difficult to open. Perhaps to secure..

Product: 4/5
The majority of the shades have amazing pigmentation and texture. However, MUA need to work on the formulation of their matte shades.

Price: 5/5
£8 for 24 shadows (33p a shadow). Amazing!!!

Leave a comment with your thoughts on this palette!

Thanks for reading. xoxo

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  1. Hey I just noticed shade 24 is the same as the single eyeshadow in 24. Us this their eyeshadow collection in palette form? Great post!

  2. Oh really, that's strange. No it can't be because I have Shade 6 and 8 in singles and they aren't the same as the colours in the palette. They should do a palette of their entire collection though. I would definitely buy that!


  3. Ooh I wish I had of picked this up when I was in Manchester last week. I picked up the Heaven & Earth palette and I love it xxx

  4. Yeah it's really pretty. I also have the 'Heaven & Earth' Palette and I love it. They are both awesome!


  5. this pallette looks so pretty! just followed your blog xx



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