Monday, 21 October 2013

Review - Body Shop 'Nutriganics Drops of Youth'

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Initially I was intimidated by the product as I am definitely not drawn into anti-aging products being just 18, however, after reading the description of the Body Shop's website I was excited to try it as it claims to be instantly moisturising, and helps to enhance the texture and appearance of the skin, things which I look for in any skincare product.

When the bottle arrived, the first thing I did was smell the product as I have a love - hate relationship with the smell of natural products. I was pleasantly surprised as the smell was very subtle and not overly plant-smelling. 

When I used the product for the first time I was unsure about the texture as it was very watery and slippery which is something I'm not used to with my Clarins oil (which is fairly thick). However, once I applied it this made the application process infinitely easier than with my oil and I loved this.

Generally, I absoluely love the product as I feel that it did leave my skin instantly moisturised and I like the almost tight, sticky feeling it gives when it has dried for a few seconds - I feel like this makes my pores shrink and definitely helps my other skin products absorb better.

One limitation of the product is the packaging. The exterior is nice, however, the dropper is a nightmare. It barely brings up any product and I have to repeat the process twice to get enough for my face which is not very practical. 

Overall I would give the product an 8/10. I am not sure whether I would purchase it again, but I won't need to for a long time as you don't use much per application, and you get a large amount in a bottle.

** This product was sent to me by the Body Shop to review **

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