Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wishlist #2

I know, I know. I'm really slacking on the posting front. I didn't quite realise how difficult it would be to keep up with school and blog at the same time. Also, at the same time I am learning to drive which also takes up a lot of my time - but I do love it :)

Anyway, here is my current wish-list which will inevitably become my christmas list because I am trying to save all my money for my trip to Mexico and Arizona in a few weeks!

So, here goes..

 1. Mulberry 'Alexa' in Soft Oak - £795 from Mulberry

I am absolutely in love with this bag and might be asking for this for xmas if I can save up enough money to put towards it. I am not entirely sure though because I might see something I would like more, and there are a few months till christmas yet so that's cool right :)

2. Mulberry 'French Purse' in Black Forest Soft Matte - £210 from Mulberry

As you can see from the recurring theme, I like Mulberry, a lot. The colour of this purse just screams Autumn to me. I also love the interior of this purse, but I am not going to be purchasing this anytime soon because I already have the Mulberry Continental Wallet in black. That would just be greedy!

3. White iPhone 5 - From £529 from Apple

Again, I will not be purchasing this simply because I am going to wait until I can upgrade from my iPhone 4S without having to pay such an extortionate price tag. I also don't see much difference between the two apart from the weight and thinness. It does look awesome though - The black one is really cool too!

I adore my F80 and F84 brushes for applying my foundation and love my P82 brush for my concealer so I would love to add these two brushes to my ever growing brush collection - which I will soon be doing a post on so stay tuned! I would highly recommend checking out Sigma's Synthetic Essential Kit

5. Anastasia Beverley Hills 'Clear Brow Gel' - £16.50 from Cult Beauty

I have heard and read such good things about Anastasia brow products and I currently don't have a brow gel, so I think this may one of my purchases in America or I might order it now because Cult Beauty is currently offering 25% off everything on their website until 1st October at midnight when using the promo code FLASH25. So get on down there and check it out I tell you!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my current wish list. I'd love to hear what you're lusting over in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

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