Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DIY Decor Ideas!

I have become obsessed with pinterest recently! I have numerous boards such as Fashion, Nails, Makeup, Motivational and more. This post is featuring some of my pins from my 'DIY' board. I would love it if you'd check out my pins --- Pinterest

Anyway, back to the blog. This post is going to be about easy DIY Decor that would spice up your bedroom or any other room in your house!! These ideas would also be perfect if you're going to university and need some inexpensive decor for your dorm.

1. Chevron Wall Art

I don't know about you but I absolutely love the chevron trend right now. I also love the glitter chevron stripes! If I were to do this though, I would do silver glitter with black, hot pink and white stripes to match the colour scheme in my room.

2. Heart Map Art

This is actually for sale for £85 from Not On The Highstreet. However, I think this would be pretty simple to recreate and do yourself. I also think it looks pretty cute. If you are in a relationship, you could even do one heart for where you met or had your first date. That would be pretty unique!

3. Handmade Vintage Votives

I think these are so delicate and dainty. Personally the lace jars are my favourite but you could also cover jars in your favourite fabric - that would be cute. A set of these and a few tea lights would also make a really good present for someone.

4. Frame Collage 

If you have an empty wall that you just don't know what to do with, I think a frame collage is the perfect way to make a statement. I also love the addition of a clock like shown in the photo. A mirror may be cool too. I was thinking of doing this but I would need to collect a lot of frames first!

5. Glitter Vases / Brush Holders / Pen Pots

I have seen this DIY a lot recently - Miss Glamorazzi even did a video!! I am definitely doing this as soon as I buy some Mod Podge. I think they would make awesome makeup brush holders or even a pen pot for on your desk. They would sure add a touch of glitz and glamour to your room!

6. Necklace Holder

I am definitely thinking of making this with a black or pink frame though. When I first saw this, I didn't notice the twigs and honestly, I don't think they'd work with my decor unless maybe I painted them silver which would be cool.

7. Print On Book / Magazine Pages  

This is actually my own photo. I had seen this on pinterest a few time and thought it looked really unique and interesting. It is really simple to do. I just got magazine pages which had writing on instead of photos, found an image online and then printed on the magazine page. I am not sure where these are all going yet but I will find a place for them!!

Please contact me if you try any of these DIYs and make sure to attach a picture!

At the moment there is also a lot of halloween decor floating round pinterest so you should definitely check that out if you love halloween like I do!

Also, leave a comment if you like this type of post and I will definitely do more in the future!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. wow the print photos look so cool! i'd definitely going to try them :) xo


  2. Awesome. Send me a picture if you do :)


  3. Pinterest is so brilliant for when you need inspiration!
    I just wish I was as talented to do all the DIY projects on it! I still like to think I can do them though ;D ♥

  4. I know, I can spend hours on there!!
    So do I.. :)


  5. I love the last idea, i cant believe how simple it is. I am deffinitely going to try that :-)x

  6. Cool send me a photo if you do :)



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