Saturday, 21 July 2012

Nighttime (and occasional) Skincare Routine

Everyday - Nighttime: 

MAC 'Cleanse Off Oil' - Buy here
If I have been wearing makeup during the day, then I will first remove my makeup using this product. I apply around 1 and a half pumps of this with my (clean) hands and massage it onto my face. I also remove any eye makeup with this and it works so well. It even gets off every single trace of waterproof mascara!! I then rinse this off with warm water.

Clinique 'Liquid Facial Soap - Mild' - Buy here
I then put a pump of this into my hand and work it into a lather. Then I use this to wash my face and then rinse off using warm water. I then pat my face dry.

Clinique 'All About Eyes' - Buy here
After this, I pat a small amount of my eye cream under my eyes and around the eye area.

Clarins 'Huile Lotus Face Treatment Oil' - Buy here
Finally, I drop 5-6 drops of this treatment oil onto my hands and then pat this all over my face, focusing on my t-zone area. At first I was very apprehensive to try this product as I have fairly oily skin. Therefore, it didn't seem very sensible to apply oil to my face. However, after thinking about it, if you apply oil to your face to moisturise it, then it won't feel the need to produce excess oil!! Anyway, this product makes my skin feel amazing, my skin feels super smooth and soft in the morning. 

No7 'Beautiful Skin Purifying Exfoliator' - Buy here
I have only used this a few times but I already really like it. I apply a small amount to my hands and then massage it onto my face working in a circular motion. Then I rinse it off with warm water. It makes my skin feel so smooth. I am going to start using this once a week.

No7 'Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask' - Buy here
This mask is a mattifying mask for normal/oily skin and it is unlike any other mask that I have tried before. You apply it to damp skin and the mask actually warms up on contact with your skin. You really don't need much of this to cover entire face so it will last a long time. Then, you rinse off the mask after 2 - 3 minutes and honestly after using this my skin felt like silk and it was really matte. If you have the same skin type as me, you should definitely try this product.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading. xoxo
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