Thursday, 19 July 2012

Leopard Print Manicure: Tutorial

Base coat - OPI 'Matte Nail Envy' - Buy here
Base colour (turquoise) - China Glaze 'For Audrey' - Buy here
Spot colour (purple/pink) - Essie 'Perky Purple' - Buy here
Nail art pen - Models Own 'Black' - Buy here

First, you should apply a base coat to 1) help protect your natural nails and 2) make the awesome leopard print design last longer!

Then you should apply a base colour. I chose to make my base colour opaque but you could do a sheer colour instead I suppose but I haven't tried that so don't know how it would turn out. I suppose you could also skip this step altogether but I don't know how that would look. Anyway, I chose a turquoise/tiffany blue colour and I painted two coats in order to make it opaque.

After your base colour has dried for a few minutes, you will need another colour. This will be applied completely randomly in dots over your nails. At this stage your nails will look a little crazy as the next step is what ties the manicure together.

After allowing the dots to dry for around 5-10 minutes, you will either need a nail art pen or black nail polish and a toothpick. You then simply paint/draw on a thin black outline around the dots leaving gaps to make it look like a leopard's spots. You should also paint black dots in the empty spaces on your nails. Do this until you are happy with the design.

After the black from the previous step has dried for another few minutes (enough time to ensure it doesn't smudge), you should use a top coat to protect your design, make sure your polish lasts and to give the design some shine. 

This is the finished design. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed it!

If you think I should do more nail tutorials, leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading. xoxo
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